Personal Chef Service

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This service is designed for people looking for a long-term solution to their dinner woes enjoy gourmet dining with your family, conveniently and in the comfort of your own home will do the shopping, chopping and preparing. All you do is heat and serve we are selling packages of five, freshly cooked, gourmet dinners to business professionals who don’t have time to cook for themselves. Will prepare homemade dinners for clients each dinner will be based on a client’s personal preferences. Dinners will be cooked in clients’ kitchens, with all clean-up. The dinners will be stored in a client’s refrigerator or freezer. Clients can reheat the dinners when it’s convenient. It is estimated that this service will save a client nine to ten hours per week by reducing shopping, meal preparation, and clean-up MISSION

Savory Dish, a personal chef service, will provide busy clients with healthy and delicious dinners that are based on clients preferences and prepared in their kitchens. Dinners are stored in clients refrigerators or freezers to be reheated at their convenience. Target Market

Business professionals, couples, and families. These individuals live hectic lives and rarely cook, but they want healthy and convenient meal options that won’t break the bank and desires healthy food, often dual-income households living hectic lives, hard working, would like to spend more time at home without increasing time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up

The marketing plan will highlight the following customer benefits: 1.Less time spent planning and shopping for dinners
2.Less time spent in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up
3.The convenience of eating dinner whenever the client wishes 4.Delicious and healthy dinners tailored to the client’s personal choices 5.Less money spent eating out
6.More time to spend with friends
7.Dinner choices that can be tailored for diabetics,...
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