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Topics: United States, Poverty in the United States, Nicaragua Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Changes In Life

I was six years old when I moved from Clarksdale, Mississippi to Managua, Nicaragua. I did not notice the change at the time because of my young age, but it was when I moved back to the United States in 2010 that I really noticed the difference of the two countries. The relationship between Nicaragua and the United States is similar to that of the one I have with my sister. She likes to read, I like to watch movies. She hates sports; I love every single sport that exists. She does everything before hand, well, I don’t. We basically do not have anything in common. Being complete opposites is what made my transition from Nicaragua to the United States so difficult.

I love Nicaragua! I lived there for the most developing years of my life, six through fourteen. The small things were that I went to elementary school for the first time and made friends that will be in my life forever, but truly there is more to it than that. I started making decisions and actions that would determine what kind of person I was going to be. In Nicaragua everything is different, ranging from politics to food. There are key characteristics that make Nicaragua what it is. One, it gives you the best social life ever. I remember having friends that I could tell anything I wanted to because we were so similar, and going out to parties every weekend. I went to mass every Sunday and saw at least five friends of mine. I could relate to people so well because I guess I was one of them, a Nicaraguan “100% pinolero”. Another is its poverty. I remember looking out my window on my way to school and little kids would tap on the window with their little dirty fingers asking for five cordobas (twenty-five cents). On occasion I gave them some, but not always. I didn’t know more than twenty persons that lived outside of the capital because they all lived in poverty. Think about it, out of the six million people in Nicaragua maybe a couple thousand could afford to live in the United...
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