Personal Assessment of Management Skills (Pams)

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Self-Assessment Exercise and Assignment

1.In Google or your browser enter: Personal Assessment of Management Skills (PAMS) and open.

2.Personal Assessment of Management Skills (PAMS) will appear in a black box. You will see “Developing Management Skills” 5/e, Surveys, David A Whetten, Kim S Cameron, Introduction.

3.Take the 77 item survey as instructed. Pay attention to your answers and select the alternative that describes you as truthfully as possible. Press “Score It.” You will get a total score

4.DO NOT USE THE COMPARISON NUMBERS THAT APPEAR. Those numbers have been updated in later editions of the book. Use the comparison numbers below which are from the 11th edition.

Maximum Score: 468

5.Now compare the ratings you gave yourself with a norm group of 1500 business school students:

380 or aboveYou are in the top quartile
353-379You are in the second quartile
327-352You are in the third quartile
326 or below You are in the bottom quartile

6.Now look at the nine management skills below and identify the three which are the lowest for you compared to the points available for that item (6 points X items under that skill area). These are the three management skills that you need to work on the most.

Skill Area Items
Developing Self Awareness1 - 5
Managing Stress6 - 11
Solving Problems Creatively12 - 23
Communicating Supportively24 - 32
Gaining Power & Influence 33 - 40
Motivating Others 41 – 49
Managing Conflict50 - 58
Empowering & Delegating59 - 67
Building Effective Teams/Teamwork68 – 77

7.Write a short two page self-assessment paper as previously outlined. The outline is posted on VLT under files/Assignments/Expectations. Post your paper by the due date on VLT, click “Assignments” post in the “PAMS” file.
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