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unit 1: Personal Development

Description of Unit

This unit focuses on the importance of continuous personal and professional development through self-learning and reflection. The unit will enable learners to enhance the skills required for effective management, to meet work objectives and improve performance for future career development. Learners will be provided with the opportunity to identify their own development needs through conducting a skills audit and a personal development planning process.

Evidence to achieve this unit will be continuously provided throughout the learning programme, thereby enabling learners to take ownership of their future development needs. Learners will be able to demonstrate they have a regularly updated and realistic personal development plan that fits with their own preferred learning style. This unit will also enable learners to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of their learning on their career path.

Summary of learning outcomes

To achieve this unit a learner must:

1 Explore the skills and techniques needed for effective time management 2 Examine the personal and professional skills needed to manage effectively 3 Carry out a personal skills audit and produce a personal development plan to review and maintain planned life and career goals.

Assessment Activities

Assignment 1: Personal Development Plan

Personal development is an ongoing process through the course.

Task 1

1. Personal Profile

Analyse the operational activity in which you are involved, including regular daily, weekly and monthly activity, occasional initiatives and projects.

Prepare a full description of this activity, focusing on:

the nature of the team that you are working in and/or managing; your personal role and responsibilities;
your reporting relationships;
the operational links with other individuals and departments; links with other businesses and external agencies.

Submission: Please see introductory email.

Task 2

2. Personal Development Journal

Start your Personal Development Journal with an opening which includes:

• A brief “personal” profile;
• Your personal work goals for the next one to three years; • A copy of your workplace Personal Profile;


Keep a continuous (at least weekly) record of your:

• Progress on the programme;
• team leader / manager / operational ~ performance in the workplace;


Write up an 8 weekly reflection on your:

• General progress;
• Progress on achieving your goals;
• Improvement in your personal understanding / awareness / performance.

Submission: at the end of every 8 weeks for the duration of the course. Assignment 2: Personal and Professional Skills

Activity Sheet 1

What is your time type?

How do you perceive time, and how is this reflected in your behaviour?

Please answer the following questions by circling Yes or No for each item.

|1 |When you enter a new situation, do you immediately pick out familiar elements and link them to your own past experiences? |Yes |No | |2 |Are you concerned with the background history of events and their potential effect on the future? |Yes |No | |3 |Do you usually handle emergencies well? |Yes |No | |4 |Do you frequently have ‘hunches’ about the future? |Yes |No | |5 |Do you pride yourself on your rationality, your objectivity? |Yes |No | |6 |Do you get upset when you have to change a schedule? |Yes |No | |7 |Have you ever kept, or felt the urge to keep, a diary?...
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