Personal and Team Effectiveness

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Personal and Team Effectiveness

Values and beliefs
The main characteristics in health care organisation are values and beliefs. Values and beliefs in a health care organisation teach us many things. it teach us how to behave with one other in a team at work. When working in a team team members have to co-operate with each other. There should be good communication among team members. Each team members has different strength from several people can be combined and used to benefit the whole team and make a better product. Combining different skills also lead to increased creativity. This can be achieved only if there is good communication among the team members. Each team members has to treat other team members with respect. According to Chrissy Scivicque, senior content manager at Office Arrow, "Professional values are the principles that guide your decisions and actions in your career." Although some values are considered more important than others in certain professions, there are some universal values that should be, and usually are, held and practiced in all of them. These universal values are: "first, do no harm; keep it simple; honesty is the best policy; we're all in this together; and stay balanced." While these values may seem intuitive, failure to adhere to these five principles is at the root of much of the economic and social damage that brought the entire world's economy nearly to its knees in 2008.  ( Organizational values define the acceptable standards which govern the behaviour of individuals within the organization. Without such values, individuals will pursue behaviours that are in line with their own individual value systems, which may lead to behaviours that the organization doesn't wish to encourage. (

These values reflect the best of who we are and what we want to be; they’re a pledge to our patients, the wider NHS, our stakeholders and our commitment to each other. Our values are being embedded in all our practices and processes. Our values inform our actions and decisions; they underpin the delivery of our objectives and the achievement of our vision. Our values are about our culture and our behaviours; they reflect how we conduct ourselves individually and corporately, through the services we provide and in the way we engage with our patients, the public, our members and our partners. (

Teamwork also strengthens relationship and builds unity. Team work has a dramatic affect on organisational performance. An effective team can help an organisation achieve incredible results .A team that is not working can cause unnecessary disruption, failed delivery and strategic failure. Nowadays it is almost impossible to avoid being a member of a team .In this case study I am trying to explain how team effectiveness can be improved in mid Stafford nhs trust hospital. (

A persons values and beliefs has a critical impact on the way they make decisions, design programmes, and conduct themselves. it is important to be clear about their own values and beliefs and those shared in a group when working with others , making decisions that impact on others or undergoing changes when an individuals or the shared , group values and beliefs are challenged by others .The person is asked to justify or account for their behaviour or when there is conflict about someone else behaviour values and beliefs help to recruit people with right ability .To motivate them ,to provide them to use opportunities to use their right skills in well designed jobs .In case of Stafford hospital we can see that there was no proper communication among...

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