Personal Academic Goals

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My Personal Academic Goals
November 18, 2013
My Personal Academic Goals
The National Center for Education Statistics did a study on pay comparison between graduate and non-graduate workers. The study indicates that college graduates get paid an average of 38% more compare to those non-graduates. Therefore, finishing college is as important and should be a goal for most individuals if not everyone. My three personal academic goals that hope to achieve as a student here at the university are to earn a degree in management, learn how it affects productivity in the workplace and also to improve written and oral communication skills. Understanding that going to college and graduate from it is no simple task. It involves numerous moving parts and those parts need to work together in harmony to achieve personal academic goals. Some of those moving parts that need enhancing are personnel responsibility, time management, written, and oral communications. In my 24 years of military service, I did not take advantage of acquiring a formal education even though the military provides the opportunities and environment to take college courses and get a degree. When I was in the military, my priorities were more focus on getting the job done making sure that military personnel get their personal records corrected and updated, get paid correctly and on time, provide briefs, submit reports, and conduct different types of trainings. After retiring from the military, my priority changes and academic success is in the front of it. By using my military educational benefits (GI bill) entitlement to jump start my desire to pursue higher learning and hoping to acquire a degree in management here at the university. The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) researchers at the University of Michigan Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education (Eric Dey, 2008) that in categories they surveyed; students and...

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