Topics: Education, Student, University Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: February 26, 2013
| Celine Wilson|
| Secondary Persona|
Age : 19Occupation : Student
Level of Study : First Year Student at University of MaltaSubject of Study : BA Educ (Hons) with Physical EducationComputer Skills : Medium Background : Coaches children in VolleyballHobbies : Athletics, basketball, volleyball, researching, socializing with friends.|

| a day in the life of Celine * Celine starts off her day at University every morning by visiting the Faculty of Education where she checks the daily notifications and timetable. Some content study-units of her course are taken in other Faculties and, apart from having a very tight schedule due to her coaching sessions, lectures, and physical classes, she sometimes struggles to keep track of the different buildings she needs to go to. For lunch, she likes to go to the canteen to eat something healthy, although queuing to be served often proves to be of a great problem for her with her tight schedule. Any free time she manages to find, she utilises mostly to read material related to her physical classes, so she spends this time in quiet spots close to the sport facilities. On various occasions though she will need to research online information and print notes relative to physical exercises, for her coaching sessions with children, and also relative to her studies, which takes her to the IT lab. When her day at University is over, Celine catches a bus home.What she needs * * Celine would be interested in having easy access to a detailed Map which includes names of buildings and lecture halls, and which indicates quiet spots suitable for reading. She would particularly appreciate finding various online access points to carry out her research and print her notes without having to go to the IT lab. An information point close to the Sports facilities where she can easily check the various sports schedules would avoid her having to go to the different sports sections to check fixtures since she has a good number...
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