person centred values

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BTEC Apprenticeship Assessment Workbook Level 2 Health & Social Care



The activities in this sequence will assess you on your knowledge of person-centred care: how you apply person-centred values in personal care, eating and drinking and care planning.

These knowledge activities will test your understanding of personcentred values and the ideas of consent and choice.

Task 1
BTEC: Unit 7: 1.1
Diploma: Unit 7: 1.1

Task 1a
Read the statements below, then identify the one which best defines the concept of person-centred values.
1 Put the individual first in every decision you make about their care. 2 Work in partnership with individuals to ensure that their rights, independence and choices are promoted.
3 Share all information about an individual among your colleagues so you can support their needs.

BTEC: Unit 7: 1.2
Diploma: Unit 7: 1.2, 1.3

BTEC: Unit 1: 1.3, Unit 7: 5.1, 5.4, Unit 8: 2.4
Diploma: Unit 1: 1.3,
Unit 7: 5.3
PLTS : RL6, IE3, EP5, CT4

Task 1b
Complete the spider diagram on page 51 – giving reasons why it is important to work with person-centred values, even if an individual’s choices may involve risks.

Task 1c
Case study: Warren and Cara
Warren is a domiciliary care worker who has been working with Cara (aged 58) who lives alone and has been diagnosed with
early onset dementia. Cara has always insisted that she wants to stay in her own home and her family agree and want her to be supported there. Warren’s belief is that her needs would be better met in a residential home as he knows they have

specialist support there. He has carried out a risk assessment and is concerned about Cara’s health and safety, particularly when she cooks or switches on her gas fire.
1 Why is it important for Warren to observe Cara’s reactions as he starts to talk about moving to a residential home?

continued on page 52


M04_HASC_WB_BTEC_0345_U04.indd 50

To know if she has understood and to assess her feelings in
her emotions

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BTEC Apprenticeship Assessment Workbook Level 2 Health & Social Care

Individually - care and support
needs to be tailored to each

Independence - allow people
to do things for themselves
however small, support
people when they need it

Privacy - understand each
persons need for privacy
and support this in the
way you work

Rights- people have the
same rights as someone
who lives independently


Respect- shows a person you will support them in what
they believe its important whatever their age, gender, culture, disability, belief or sexual orientation

Diggnity - is what we feel
are respected and makes
us feel important in our
lives and society

Partnership - working with other
professional colleagues, families carers
to improve lifes

Choice - each person
should be allowed and
supported to make

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M04_HASC_WB_BTEC_0345_U04.indd 51


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BTEC Apprenticeship Assessment Workbook Level 2 Health & Social Care


2 Warren has strong opinions about fire risk as he had a family member who died in a house fire. Why is it important that he doesn’t tell Cara about this?

As bringing personal life to his work could influence
Cara's discussion
3 What is the best way for Warren to support Cara? Choose two of the options below.
a) Respect Cara’s decision to stay at home and stop trying to discuss a move to residential care.
b) Explore with Cara whether there are additional safety
devices she could use in her home.
c) Leave information for Cara to share with her family about local residential services.
d) Contact Cara’s family about her health and safety risks and ask them to persuade her to move to a...
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