Person Centred Practice

Topics: Disability, Human rights, Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Pages: 5 (1439 words) Published: August 6, 2015
Bronwen Dalton
Unit 517
Lead person- centred practice
Understand the theory and principles that underpin person-centred practice Outcome 1.
1.1 Explain person-centred practice
Person-centred practice is made up of a group of approaches, which are made to assist someone, to plan their life and the support that they want and require. Person-centred practice ensures that the individual concerned is at the heart of any decision making. This practice is more likely to be used when an individual has disabilities, or requires long term care and person-centred practice can help the service user to maintain and improve a level of independence, while receiving the best possible level of care. Talerico et al (2003) identifies some essential areas of person-centred care: For carers to get involved in the service users life, so they are able to understand them better and get to know their personalities. Therefore they will be able to empathize with them more. When care is being established for the individual concerned, their needs, preferences and requirements must be addressed. Seeing the service user as a biopsychosocial (sees individuals lead a biological, psychological and social dimension to their life) human being. Encouraging the development of relationships that are trusting and caring. Ensuring freedom of choice for the individual concerned, while maintaining a reasonable risk taking approach. When you are assessing someone using a person-centred approach, you are taking into consideration the persons whole being, you are looking at their plan of care in a holistic way. The individual’s care package should take into account, their ethnicity, culture, religion, and most important of all their wishes and choices. Everyone has a right to make decisions about their own future and needs. 1.2 Critically review approaches to person-centred practice

In the past, the service and care that was provided to service users, was characterized by, prescription, diagnosis, and the assessment of needs and actions that were required to meet their needs. Nowadays the person-centred practice, means that there is a different kind of approach and a way of thinking about the elderly, or people with disabilities. It ensures that the service provider puts the service user in the centre of all planning. This thinking just takes a small shift in the way that a person is assessed, by changing, what is important for a person, to what is important to a person. Person- centred approaches ensure that the service provider will make adjustments to the service that they provide for the service user, rather than expecting the service user to fit into an already existing service. Person-centred care must cover all areas of health and social care and is at the heart of good practice. There are certain values in obtaining a good practice that need to be met, such as: Seeing and respecting the individual as a person.

Making sure that their rights are being met.
Encouraging the person’s independence, while also maintaining a level of safety. Listening to the individual about their choices.
Ensuring that person’s dignity is maintained at all times.

A critical review of approaches to person-centred care
Critical review
The person at the centre of
The plan, must be looked on as an individual who has ambitions, choices and strengths. They must be encouraged to make their own choices about how and when they would like to be supported. The service user must be able to make an informed choice about their care when they are given, the correct information and advice, and that they also have advocacy. This doesn’t always mean that they agree with the professionals that are assessing them, and this can cause some problems. Biographical life-story work

Life-story work is a biography of that person’s life and what they have experienced. There will be certain events in their life that are helpful to understand when they are...
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