Person centred care

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a. Person centred care is a philosophy of providing care that is centred around the person, and not just their health needs. In a person centred approach the emphasis should always be on the person as an individual, and their unique qualities as determined their life history and experiences, likes and dislikes which define their character. It's very important that people with dementia are treated with respect. They have the same rights as other people including the rights of being treated with dignity and respect. It is important to remember that a person with dementia is still a unique and valuable human being, despite their illness. The person with dementia needs to feel respected and valued for who they are now, as well as for who they were in the past. Valuing them and promoting their rights and choices, treating them as individuals with their own history, characteristics, health conditions, culture and economic background, trying to see situations and events from their perspective and ensuring that they have the opportunity for interactions with other are the main values which I aim to promote. b. Person centred care planning based on life story work an age inclusive dementia care service. I believe people's backgrounds are very important to understand particularly if people are unhappy or become distressed. A care plan is telling me how what they like to eat , religious observances, such as prayer and festivals particular clothing or jewellery that the person should or should not wear, any forms of touch or gestures that are considered disrespectful, ways of undressing, ways of dressing the hair, how the person washes or uses the toilet, hobbies and social interest like gardening or playing an instrument or any type of activities which they use to enjoy in the past but without being harmful in the present. c. A care plan may include what kind of personal or health care services an individual need, what type of staff should provide these services and how...
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