Person and Stephen

Topics: Person, Psychology, Subject Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: November 8, 2006
Oliver Sacks is not your typical research doctor that continuously tests and examines the subject as if it were not human. Dr. Sacks leaves behind the cold, clinical view of the hospital and spends quality time with his subjects in their normal environments. He goes on trips, takes holidays and really gets to know the neurologically different people about whom he writes. This is all portrayed in his writing as he talks about the different trips he takes to certain places around the world, in particular, New York City, London, Paris and Venice with his ever so unique "subject" Stephen Wiltshire. Dr. Sacks is a very interesting writer as he relates to his studies in the past every now and again while he spends time with Stephen in the chapter called "Prodigies." He uses a successful writing technique in which he describes his relationship and research with Stephen in comparison with other studies he has done personally and also studies he has heard about in the past that are similar to his experience with Stephen. In past stories we have read, in particular, "Flowers for Algernon," the research scientists appear to be all too professional and dehumanize the person that is being studied. Charlie, the main character in the novel, takes many tests and undergoes an operation to further the scientist's research. The scientists do not connect with Charlie on an emotional level at all. They are not interested about who Charlie is and what he likes to eat, they want to be the ones who find an incredible cure and eventually reap all the benefits it will offer them financially and historically. In "Prodigies" the doctor seems to put more emotional emphasis on his subject and seems to have the need to get to know the person as much as possible which helps with his study. He lets other people come into contact with his subject and does not put all of the attention on himself. He uses this to examine the subject's emotional responses and feelings for other people and towards...
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