Persoanl Goals Essay

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Personal Academic Goals
Terry Cerami
April 7, 2014
Joann Iglinski
Personal Academic Goals
A key component to achieving success, particularly in academics is goal setting. Goal setting is the process of consciously identifying events in which you desire to transpire in the days, weeks and years ahead of you. As I cast off the mooring lines and get my academic journey underway with the University of Phoenix, I first need to establish goals and incorporate a plan to achieve those goals. Therefore, the three main goals that I have set to assist me in the navigation of my voyage are stress management, time management, and personal responsibility. College students are more stressed out than ever before (Szalavitz, 2011), which is why stress management will be at the forefront thought of every endeavor and evolution while I'm at the University of Phoenix. There is a magnitude of factors in pursuing a college education that contribute to unhealthy levels of stress which may include greater academic demands, increased deadlines, new responsibilities, or even finding yourself in a new diverse environment. Managing these factors is paramount, because when stress becomes overwhelming or we maintain a high level of stress over a prolonged period of time, it can impede on our productivity, alter our moods, affect our relationships, interfere with our quality of life, and most importantly cause a decline in our health. As I anticipate assignment deadlines being the main stressor throughout my academic venture, I will need to ensure that I adhere to adequate time management skills and impose strict time management practices. A stimulating finding of the Macan (1990) study is that the poor allocation of time management increases stress and impairs performance. This statement proposes that if you do not perceive to be in control of your time or have a good attitude towards time management, you will continue to feel stressed and not be able to perform to...

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