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Personal development consists of actions that improve consciousness and personality, develop merits and potentiality, help develop human capital and , intensify quality of life and put up to the apprehension of dreams and ambitions. The conception is not limited to self-help but considers conventional and casual activities for developing others in roles such as teacher, guide, counselor, manager, life coach or intellectual. When personal development takes point in the context of organizations, it adverts to the method acting, programs, tools, techniques, and appraisal systems that assist human development at the individual level in different institutes [1]. The discussion will take place about the concept of personal development as a manager and leader in this article. The detailed discussions will follow the following relevant topics as the importance of repetitive self-development in achieving organisational objectives, the resources to support the development plan, the processes needed in order to implement the plan, the human relationship between staff welfare and organisational objectives.


The importance of continual self-development in achieving organisational objectives.

1.2 The selection and agreement of individual and team objectives

Team objectives need to be developed through the method of team communication, discussion and agreement. The way of productively achieving the progress of team objectives is to hold a concentrated team workshop. Team members work individually for sometimes and list plans for the team objectives. After getting it finished, the team comes together to share and arrange the ideas, removes the commons, refuse irrelevant ideas that are not feasible and select ideas that are applicable and proper with the principle. The next step is to discuss ideas to find the advantages and disadvantages out and other things to be sorted out for making better scheme. A team poll can help to fix the decision of objectives for the team. Agreeing team objectives can be more difficult than agreeing individual objectives because of more people need to be involved in the process. However, more people indicate more ideas, more agility, more information, more assurance and they might increase the team spirit. A combined team can easily reach to the success. Practicing these activities initiate a leader to have very constructive and effective leading skills that can be used for life time. Individuals will take part in their own department. But during the team session, they have to contribute in the team session. They have to get support from the other members of the team. Trust is one of the very vital parts in team objectives. Trust and regular relations is very important to get the goal with a good and efficient team work. In short, these are the basic objects of individual and team objectives [3].

1.3 Areas of individual and team responsibility in achieving objectives

Considering some key points, each person of a team is a leader. Everyone in the team will guide the role of management at different times. Along with other things, every member in team has a accountability to improve excellence. They have to obtain some...

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