Perseus Vs Percy Jackson

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Percy Jackson was a demigod. Half god half human. His mother was Sally Jackson, a mortal; and his father? He was none other than Poseidon, ruler of the sea. But there is something that confuses some of us. Percy's full name is Perseus, but Perseus is the name of a son of Zeus. So why exactly did Sally Jackson name Percy after Perseus? Wouldn't Theseus have been a more appropriate name?
Well, looking closely at the two heroes' fates, we can figure out why.
King Acrisius of Argos found out that one day his grandson would be the one to kill him. He thought of killing his daughter, Danae, in order to get rid of that possibility completely but decided against it fearing the consequences. Instead, he kept her prisoner inside of a bronze house...

She told him her name was Andromeda. She quickly explained that she had to be sacrificed to a sea monster, and so Perseus freed her by turning the monster into stone with Medusa's head. He took her to her father and asked for her hand in marriage. He accepted happily.
On the way to Seriphus, they stopped at Larisa to play some games that were being held. While they were playing he accidentally threw a discus at an old man who died right after. The old man was actually Acrisius, thus completing the prophecy.
When they finally reached Seriphus, they met Dictys again. He told Perseus everything that Polydectes did. Perseus was furious, so he stormed into Polydectes's palace after telling Dictys to take care of Andromeda. Perseus held up Medusa's head after shouting for everyone that was a friend of his to protect their eyes, turning Polydectes and his courtiers into stone. And the rest had a happy ending. Although Perseus was killed by Dionysus later, the gods immortalized him together with Andromeda, as stars so they would be together forever.
Right before Theseus was born, the king Aegeus told his wife that if she were to have a son, when he was at the right age, to tell him to lift this huge boulder and take what was under it. Before the king left he put his sandals and sword under the...
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