Perseus Mythology Powerpoint

Topics: Medusa, Greek mythology, Perseus Pages: 4 (655 words) Published: March 25, 2014

• The king of Argos, named Acrisius, went to an
oracle because he was upset about not having a
son. This oracle foresaw that his daughter, Danae,
would have a son with Zeus that would one day
kill him. To keep Danae from having children,
Acrisius locked her in a bronze tower. One day,
Zeus came to her and turned the prison into a
field of flowers. When Acrisius saw light coming
from the tower, he ordered his men to tear down
a wall and found Danae with a baby on her lap.
Furious that the prophecy was coming true, he
locked Danae and Perseus into a wooden chest
and threw them in the sea.

What makes Perseus a hero?
• Perseus killed the gorgon Medusa after being
challenged to do so by Polydectes, a king that had
planned on marrying his mother. Hermes and
Athena gave him gifts to keep him safe while
fighting Medusa, who was an evil woman with
snakes for hair that turned people to stone
whenever they looked at her. He killed her using a
sickle from Hermes while she slept and used the
reflection from a shield given to him by Athena to
see Medusa so that he wouldn’t turn to stone.

• On his journey back to Seriphus, Perseus found a
woman chained to a rock. When asking her why
she was chained, he learned that Poseidon had
been angered by her mother and that she was to
be killed by a sea monster. Perseus turned the
monster to stone using Medusa’s head and
returned the woman, named Andromeda, to her
father. When he asked Andromeda’s father for
her hand, he immediately complied. Perseus and
Andromeda later had a several children, one of
them being Electryon, who was the grandfather
of Heracles. Heracles later became the strongest
man in the world.

• Perseus is said to be kind and brave, as well as
very intelligent.
• Perseus is also said to be very handsome,
because the Gods always took favor on him
and helped him fight his battles.

• When Perseus had just cut off...
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