Topics: Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Iranian Revolution Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: April 27, 2014
Tayfun Saman
Shocking Revolution Iranian from different part of society as students, liberal, leftist and Islamic groups had some problems with Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi ruler of Iran during 1970s. Over time these people come together and demonstrated against Shah. At 1979 The Iranian Revolution took stage and everything was changed. After national referendum to become an Islamic Republic, Ruhollah Khomeini become leader of Iran and started to get rid of opposition; additionally, he started his dictatorship over Iran. This paper will focus on the analysis of the movie Persepolis with the use of some concepts such as rights of women in Iran society after revolution and change of life with revolution. The rights of woman after Iranian Revolution in society can be easily seen in the movie. Firstly, woman does not have right to wear what she wants. Additionally, she has to wear headscarf all the time. As an example, at the one scene of the movie Marjane Satrapi, main character, and her mother were leaving the supermarket. Then a man come to mother and warned her about her headscarf in a very rude way. This shows that everybody has the right to say something about woman’s clothes even they do not know each other. Secondly, general approach to woman in the society is in such bad condition that women think that they cannot live without her husband. Therefore, divorcement is looked unacceptable by woman even it is her natural right. For example, when Marjane decided to get divorced from her husband, her friend told how horrible her sister’s life turn into after she left her husband. Iranian Revolution brought about a lot of changes in the society. Especially about people’s freedom Iranian encountered a lot of limitations through Islamic rules. Firstly, after revolution a lot of things about western culture were banned. For instance, at the one scene there were men secretly selling...
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