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Charlene Ricker
Alyssa Surges
English 102
5 February 2012
Persepolis Notes
Overall Persepolis was a very interesting read. I sat down and read it over the course of four to five hours and did not find myself begging for the book to be over. The plot was interesting, and the character almost reminded me of the main character from the book Dear God, it's me Margaret, Are you There? This was comparable in multiple ways. Throughout the book the main character experiments with different genres, different ways of dressing and acting, before eventually settling down and deciding what she wants to do and what she wants to be. I liked the fact that this book dealt with many of the aspects of a girl blossoming into a woman, and really showed how people in Iran are a lot more advanced then they are made out to be by American media.

Persepolis Starts out with the main character Marjane, wanting to be a prophet. This shows her devotion to her religion, and even shows that females were not neglected to the point that they were made to believe that they could not be something as important as a prophet even in Islam’s society, which is typically seen as being strict on woman.

Family is important. Even though many times we here people say that women are disrespected we see an era where the veils are not required to be worn by woman, we see the mother as an educated protestor and activist. The daughter is loved even though she is a girl, and is even encouraged to follow her dreams when she lies to her parents and says she wants to be a doctor. But at the same time her parents did not condemn her for saying she wanted to be a prophet to the teacher. Even though her teacher may have seen this as wrong, which may also say something about the culture, her family told the teacher they thought it was good that she felt that way.

There is a lot of different political figures mentioned in this book. I feel like I hardly paid attention to the names. Although throughout the...
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