Persecution of Shia Muslims

Topics: Islam, Shia Islam, Bahrain Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Saudi Arabia, the holy place of Islam, has become a humiliating place for Shias living in there or who come to pay a visit to the holy cities of Makah and Medina. The so called Wahabi Muslims in Saudi Arabia humiliate and degrade Shias on every possible ground making them feel outcaste. The attitude Saudi Wahhabis have towards Shias is highly deplorable. In the latter paragraphs, I have presented some facts regarding the persecution of Shias in Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, Saudi Wahabis restrict Shias from any sort of involvement in the government. Some of Saudi's famous personalities even sanctioned the killing of Shias by issuing fatwas. There have been no Shia cabinet ministers. They are set aside out of critical jobs in the armed forces and the security services. There are no Shia Mayors or police chiefs, and not one of the three hundred girls’ schools in the Eastern Province has a Shia principal the government has circumscribed the names that Shias can use for their children in an effort to discourage them from showing their identity. Saudi textbooks are antagonistic towards the Shia Faith, often characterizing the faith as a form of heresy worse than Christianity and Judaism. Teachers frequently tell classrooms full of young Shia school children that they are heretics in the eastern city of Dammam, where three quarters of residents are Shia, Ashura is banned, and there is no distinctly Shia call to prayer. There is no Shia cemetery for the 450,000 Shias that live there. There is only one mosque for the city's Shias. The Saudi government has often been viewed as an active oppressor of Shias because of the funding of the Wahhabi ideology which decries the Shia faith.

The Day of Ashura is a commemoration made by Shia Muslims to remember the martyrdom of Muhammad's (S.A.W) grandson, Husayn bin Ali (A.S) as one of the most important religious days. Shia Muslims remember the occasion with many somber events. However, the Wahhabi government has refused to...
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