Persecution of Innocent People

Topics: The Holocaust, Nazi Germany, The Crucible, Salem witch trials, Adolf Hitler, Discrimination / Pages: 3 (606 words) / Published: Sep 29th, 2012
Throughout history innocent people were persecuted because of religion, race, gender, or beliefs. It has been proved that between the first persecution under Nero in 64 to the Edict of Milan in 313, Christians experienced 129 years of persecution. Since the fifth century, there have been ten major persecutions and that is not counting the minor ones. The Holocaust started in the late 1938s and ended in 1945 during World War II and was one of the major persecutions. The events of The Crucible and the Holocaust both occurred because of the strong mindset of awful leaders (Persecution in the Early Church). Hitler focused his hatred on Jews, Marxists, Poles, Czechs, and the French and intellectuals. His hatred caused his desire to kill those innocent people. In The Crucible, innocent citizens were persecuted because people accused them of “witch-acts”. Just because some children accused people of witchery so they wouldn’t get in trouble innocent people lost their life. Just like during the Holocaust, just because people were born the way they were, they were persecuted for that. During the Holocaust, Hitler wouldn’t allow people to see him in any way that would demean his dignity (What are the Characteristics of Hitler?). He also did not like to be corrected in any way. Like in the Holocaust, the citizens of Salem that were being accused of witchery would claim they did see the devil but they want god to forgive them and repent of their sins. In The Crucible, Tituba claims that she did see the devil but she loves god and is a Christian woman (Miller, Arthur, pg 43-47). Hitler instructed the Nazi soldiers to torture or kill many Jewish people just because he did not like them. Throughout history there has been many times that people get persecuted because of the way they look. Abigail Williams, from The Crucible, convinced the town of Salem that people within the town were practicing witchcraft so many innocent people got persecuted because they believed a child.

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