Perry & Dick

Topics: Las Vegas Strip, Tram accident, Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Esteban Majano
Mr. Gerson
Compare & Contrast Essay
6 March 2013

Compare & Contrast Perry with Dick

Perry and Dick are very two opposite people Dick is a very smart man who exudes confidence and malice who grow up in a stable home with two parents, he didn’t have the wealthiest family but he was supported. Unlike Perry who grew in a very unstable home having to switch between his parents because his father was a women beater and his mother was an alcoholic, his parents could barely support him so he was put in an orphanage where he was constantly beaten by the nuns who were to take care of him. Even though Dick grew up in a better environment he still came out a malicious and selfish person, even though Perry wasn’t a saint he had never aspired to be a criminal his dream was to become a Sinatra type singer and have a show on the Las Vegas strip, he believed he was smarty and artistic. One very important factor that Perry and Dick had in common was that they were both in major motorized accidents. Dick was in a severe car accident where his skull was almost cracked in half, while Perry was in a major motorcycle accident where his legs were ripped to shreds. These injuries are a very important factor later in the book. Throughout the book many examples of how Perry and Dick differ, such as the fact that Perry wanted to purchase black stockings to hide their faces but stated that there would be no need since there would be no witness left alive. After their arrest and their confessions Dick blamed everything and Perry while Perry was regretful and sorry he even said “I’d apologize, but to who.” What was also shown in the book was that Dick was a pedophile who preyed on young girls he even planned to rape Nancy until Perry threatened to shoot him. It shows how out of the two the more conscientious was Perry by far. Perry even when as far to say he despised Dick especially when he told him how stupid it was to steal razor blades, Dick’s response exemplifies...
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