Peronal Development Plan

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Personal Development Plan
Working with your feedback
Once you have worked through the feedback contained in your International Profiler Report you are ready to create a “Personal Development Plan” for yourself. Like all such action plans, this is designed to help you bring about change, but in this case it should be aimed specifically at improving your readiness and effectiveness to work internationally. The tables below will help you to go through three steps to arrive at such a plan: Step 1 - The requirements of your current and/or future role Step 2 - Identify your strengths and development areas Step 3 - Build up a SMART action plan to bring about change and development

Step 1 - The requirements of my role
Start by thinking about your role and the elements of your job that require you to work in an international context. Depending on your situation, you may wish to concentrate on your current role or perhaps on a future anticipated role if this has a greater international context. For example: - What are the key relationships that will be important for success in this role? - What will be the key tasks that you will be performing? - What additional knowledge and understanding will you need? - With whom, and how will you mostly be communicating? - How clearly will your goals be defined? - What personal pressures will this role impose on you? In the light of your answers to these questions complete the table below: To fulfil the international requirements of my role I need to:




Personal Development Plan
Step 1 - The requirements of my role
Reflect on the current and/or future activities that you identified in Step 1, and consider them in the light of the insights gained by working with the feedback from the International Profiler. Hopefully, this will have made you more consciously aware of strengths that you may raise to the level of conscious strategies in certain international settings. It will also have highlighted some areas of...
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