Permanent Stain

Topics: Crying, English-language films, Debut albums Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: October 13, 2013

Permanent Stain

I stood peeking through the small living room doorway and watched my mother beat my sister. My mother had a full grip of her hair in one hand, and a thick, coiled wire in the other. She took a blow to her delicate skin, releasing all of her held in anger. I see my sister curled up on our dirty, kitchen floor, trapped between our wooden door and filthy fridge. I hear her cry as if she cried her lungs out for a stop to the blows she’s forced to take, and for a stop to the thought of her very own mother beating the living crap out of her. I spot my mother rushing to the webbed cabinet under our molded sink and grabbed the green roach control bottle, threatening her to stop her screaming and streaming tears. But my sister yelped with pain, sprawling across the floor. I remember seeing my mother’s face redden, and uncontrollably, she stepped over my sister’s lifeless body, and I watched. I watched my mother sprayed the roach control chemical into my dear sister’s ear, into my dear sister’s mouth. I watched in pain… as she continues on with her heavy foot against my dear sister’s tiny stomach, and she stomped. I watched my sister with her mouth gaping open for air, grunting, and crying louder and louder. I just stood peeking through the small living room doorway and watched the pool of tears stream down her beautiful, pale face onto the cold floor. My jaws clenched and my eyes were grimly focused. My fists were gripped up and I was ready to burst, but I bottled everything up as I stared. I’m forced to watch in a stature that I’m forced to stand. I was not to move, and so I consumed every bit. Inside of me, I was raged in madness, in anger, and in guilt! I couldn’t do anything – not even a thing! Hopeless I just stood, and the guilt continued to spread, triggering each and every of my nerve cells. I bit my lips tight, afraid I might peep a sound. I closed my eyes, but the images were restrained in my head; so I watched, and with eyes opened or...
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