Periyar Pollution

Topics: Water pollution, Kerala, Water quality Pages: 4 (1123 words) Published: July 3, 2013
The periyar river is the longest river in the state of kerala in india.The length of periyar is 300 km.It is also known as “The life line of kerala”.The sources of the periyar is in the sivagiri hills of Western ghats range in Tamil Nadu.Annual flow of river is 11607 cubic meters. During its journey to the Arabian Sea at Cochin river is enriched with water of minor tributaries like Muthayar, Perunthuraiar, Chinnar, Cheruthony, Kattappanayar and Edamalayar at different junctures. It plays a major role in power generation ,domestic water supply,irrigation,tourism,fisheries etc.

The idukki dam on the periyar generates a significant proportion of kerala’s Electrical power. The river serves as the major water source for five drought-prone districts in the state of Tamil Nadu, including Theni, Madurai and Ramanathapuram. INDUSTRIES

Angamaly to Kochi come under the most industrialized zone of the Periyar river basin. There are over 50 large and medium industries and over 2500 small scale industries in this region.The southern branch of Marthandapuzha which cater to the needs of these industries is estimated to have a lean water flow of 8200 cum/sec which the monsoon flow is calculated as 150-250 cum/sec.The industries located in Edayar–Eloor area consumes about 189343 cum per day water from the day and discharge about 75% as used water along with large quantity of effluents and pollutants. The major types of these industries are fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals and allied industries, petroleum refining and heavy metal processing, radioactive mineral processing, rubber processing units, animal bone processing units, battery manufacturers, mercury products, acid manufacturers, pigment and latex producers etc. The industrial belt of Eloor in Kerala is one of the world’s ‘top toxic hot spots’, according to international environment group Greenpeace. Periyar River is home to more than 247 chemical industries, including...
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