Perils of Indifference

Topics: World War II, The Holocaust, Nazi Germany Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: September 9, 2011
Perils of Indifference

Wiesel develops his assertion by providing references to events in which action, rather than indifference,that could have saved countless lives; for example, Wiesel mentions both world wars, the assassinations of the Kennedys and Dr. Martin Luther King jr., and also of the numerous civil wars. Wiesel's purpose is to inspire people to act and help the children in this world that are dying every minute from violence, hunger, and disease. The intended audience for this speech is people in a position to create change and have an impact on the children, specifically those who hold an office in the United States government.

The indifference of not allowing Jews come to our country was not ethical. Wiesel was confused why America would not accept jews when they were shipped over. He thought America was the greatest country and the best democracy. Why did Roosevelt not allow them?Firstly, one of the main reasons jews could not emigrate was not due to strict immigration laws in other countries such as America but in fact due to the difficulty of leaving the states.

Why were there so few of Rightous Gentiles? Wiesel does not understand the reasoning of suppling Hitler while World War II was going on. Ford, DuPont, GM, Standard Oil, Bank of America all had massive investments in Germany. None of them cared about slave labour or anything else. How could they accept the fact in some shape or form they are helping Hitler fight the war against America and also help kill the jews who are suffering. Back in the day people only cared about their own country and wealth, not others. America went along with doing business because they were greedy for money. Why stop making millions from Hitler when its not affecting you? That how I look at it from the past.

Wiesel thought the concentration camps were a guarded secret to the world and that know one knew. But after finding out that The Pentagon knew, The State knew. I find it incredible that the...
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