Pericles Building Program Paper

Topics: Parthenon, Peloponnesian War, Athena Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Pericles’ building program.

Reasons and aims for building the program.
-Pericles was able to use the Delian league funds however he saw fit. The allies didn’t have say because they didn’t turn up to the conference. -To beautify Athens by restoring the temples that had been destroyed during the Persian wars. -The large scale of the buildings were to reflect the greatness of Athens. “He recognized that the city by enabling the houses of her gods would enable herself and that she could express her own might and her ideals in no worthier way than by the erection of beautiful temples”. Burry and Meiggs -The building program was not just about temples it incorporated other building works, which had other purposes. -According to Plutarch, “the unskilled masses, who had no military training should not be debarred from benefiting from the national income, and yet should not be paid for sitting about and doing nothing. So he boldly lay bare before the people and put forward proposals for immense public works and plans for public works public buildings, which would involve many different arts and industries and require long periods to complete”.

Pericles personal motives.
Pericles’ early experience during the battle of salamis resulting in the withdrawal of Pericles from his home and the burning of the temples, this event had a significant impact on his personality, which in turn had a major effect on his future policies and direction. These programs enabled the city to experience a new feeling, city state religion and city state patriotism. This new love of the city of Athens is very apparent in the building works, the temples, the Parthenon and the Athena statue but the port of piraneus works and fortification of the long walls.

Funding for the projects.
The funding for these projects came solely from the Delian league and the allies within...
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