Performance Review Paper

Topics: A Christmas Carol, Christmas, Ebenezer Scrooge Pages: 5 (1171 words) Published: April 17, 2015
Aimee Richards
Performance Review Paper # 2
Theater Appreciation

A Christmas Carol

Can a wealthy greedy man who loathes Christmas ever change his ways? This question is answered in the ever popular play by Charles Dickens. A Christmas Carol follows Mr. Ebezenar Scrooge on a journey over the course of a few days. Mr. Scrooge is a very greedy and angry gentleman who absolutely despises Christmas. He makes his employee Mr. Cratchit work late on Christmas Eve and even wants him to work on Christmas as Mr. Scrooge does not feel that they should take the day off. Mr. Scrooge is rude to everyone that passes him by or even offers him a Merry Christmas and is best known for the phrase bah humbug. As it turns out Mr. Scrooge was not always this way he used to be a friendly and happy young lad. The play follows Mr. Scrooge over the course of a Christmas Eve night. He is visited by 3 ghosts. The ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. The ghost of Christmas past reminds him of his past. The ghost of Christmas present shows him how he is now and shows him all the damage he does that he doesn’t even realize he is causing. The ghost of Christmas future shows Mr. Scrooge how his life will turn out if he continues on the path he is going. After seeing all this Mr. Scrooge vows to change his ways for the better. The end of the play shows all the good Mr. Scrooge starts doing and how he changes. My family and I attended the 7:30 p.m. production of A Christmas Carol on Tuesday November 25, 2014. This production was at The Alliance Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. It was adapted by David H. Bell and directed by Rosemary Newcott. The cast consist of a bunch of local actors. The website says for ages 6+, the running time of the play was 2 hours and 25 minutes with a 15 minute intermission and a start time of 7:30 P.M. When we got there and had out tickets scanned we walked in the proscenium theater which held about 750 people. The Alliance has Balcony seating which goes from A-E and Orchestra seating which goes from A-P, upon numerous searches of seating reviews no matter where you are sitting it would have been a good seat. Our tickets were in the Orchestra section row E seats 5-10 directly in the middle of the section and from what I hear the best seats in the house. It also didn’t hurt that I found a code for 50% off so for seats that cost $27.50 for adults and $19.00 for children, these seats would normally cost $56.00 for adults and $38.00 for children you can’t beat that. The first thing I noticed which I disliked was the steps going down to our seats, there were 2 steps together then a space then 2 steps together I thought that was a safety hazard and they should have been evenly spaced apart. Upon taking our seats we realized just how good they were not to close but not too far away. We took our seats about 7:15 in the FAQ’s on the Alliance theaters website it says to be there 15 minutes before show time it specifically states that if you are late they will seat you in special seating for late comers then you will be moved after intermission to your specific seats. Well the show was supposed to start at 7:30 and at 7:40 they were still seating people which I thought should not have happened that way. The show started at approximately 7:50 which was about 20 minutes late. Most people didn’t seem to mind except for the people like me who brought kids with them you could tell they were a little aggravated as the kids were sitting there for about half an hour doing nothing. The play over all was very good, there are only a few things I would have changed one was the scenes where everyone was supposed to be running around acting crazy the younger actors were running into each other a little bit. I thought the play was very well acted by everyone including the children who for the most part played a minimum of 3 different...
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