Performance Planning and Review System: Managing for Maximum Performance

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Performance Planning and Review System (PPRS)

Date Prepared:Performance Period:
Employee Number:
Last Name:First Name:
Reviewing Manager:Reviewer Email:

The PPRS is a vehicle to provide a formal summary of an employee’s past performance (generally for the previous 12 months) reviewing areas of strength and areas for development. Writing the review is a collaborative process. Managers should consider input from the employee when creating the review. Additionally, the PPRS is designed to guide goals setting and provide a continuous development plan for the coming year.

5. Far Exceeds: The employee far exceeds performance expectations. The employee demonstrates a consistent level of excellence both as an individual contributor and as a team member. Etc…

4. Exceeds: The employee consistently exceeds performance expectations. The employee contributes high-quality work in a timely manner and requires little guidance from the manager. Etc…

3. Fully Performing: The employee consistently fully performs to expectations. Performance is fully satisfactory. The employee contributes to unit goals w/good quality work in a timely manner, requiring periodic guidance from the manager. 2. Meets some: the employee meets some but not all performance expectations. Though the employee may make some contribution to unit goals, contribution is inconsistent, improvement is needed to raise achievement to agreed-upon levels.

1. Does not Meet: The employee does not meet performance expectations. The employee’s work may contain repeated errors or poor results and may not be completed in a timely manner. The employee requires detailed guidance and more than an appropriate amount of supervision to complete work. The employee does not make contribution to unit goals.

Position summary

A general description of the position

Performance Plan/Key Accountability (3-5 objectives)

Major tasks, objectives and ProjectsWeighting x Rating = Total Key Accountability1
Meet Project Delivery Commitments25.0% x 41.00
Description of expectations
Key Accountability 2
System Availability and Support15.0% x 4 .60 Description of expectations
Key Accountability 3
Meet Project Delivery Commitments10.0% x 41.00
Description of expectations

Total 50% weighting

Performance Factors (5 Factors)

1. Customer Focus10.0% x 4 .40
Inovant Value-Nimble, responsive, effective solutions to customer’s requirements Description of expectations

2. Relationship management10.0% x 4 .40 Inovant Value-Trust and respect for our people
Description of expectations

3. Execution Skills20.0% x 4 .40
Inovant Value-Quality and Excellence
Description of expectations

4. Professional/Technical Expertise10.0% x 4 .40 Inovant Value-Knowledge and Expertise
Description of expectations

Total 50% weighting

Performance Plan/Key Accountabilities
| |Weighting |Rating |Score | |1 |25% |4 |1.00 | |2 |15% |4 |.60 | |3 |10% |4 |.40 | | |50% | |2.00 |

Performance Factors
| |Weighting |Rating |Score...
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