Performance of HRM

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Chapter Two

2.0. Introduction
Performance evaluation reflects an employee’ actual job performance levels, but in order to get a true picture, the rating must be accurate. Accuracy is the primary goal of appraisal system. Employment decisions that are based on accurate ratings are not valid and would be difficult to justify if legally challenge. Moreover employees ten to lose their trust in the system when ratings do not accurately reflect their performance levels, and this cause morale and turnover problems it also hinders on their opportunity for advancement. In this study, some related studies and literature will be cited enable to enrich understanding of the researcher. The first part of the discussion is defining Employee performance on the job. The second pert is on the level of performance of an employee when career is not suitable to the field you are working with. The third section of this chapter discusses some literature review related to this field of study. 2.1 Literature Review on the Job Performance

The study of job satisfaction is a topic of wide interest to both people who work in organizations and people who study them. Job satisfaction has been closely related with many organizational phenomena such as motivation, performance, leadership, attitude, conflict, moral etc. Researchers have attempted to identify the various components of job satisfaction, measure the relative importance of each component of job satisfaction and examine what effects these components have on employees’ productivity.1 Performance is through which managers ensure that employee activities and outputs are congruent with the organizations goals (Noe et al:2006 as cited by Adi).2 Armstrong (2000 cited in Kagari et al, 2010 and also stated by Adi) state organization performance is a means of getting better results from the whole organization or teams or individuals within it, by understanding and managing performance within an...
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