Performance Management & the Employee Appraisal Process

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Josephine Collins
Performance Management & the Employee Appraisal Process
Human Resource
Week 7 &8
Mr. Ambroise
Everest College of Dallas
September 5, 2013

Performance Management is the process of creating a work environment in which people can perform to the best of their abilities in order to meet company goals. It is an entire work system that emanates from a company’s goals. The expectation of the company as follow are (1) The essential job functions the employee is expected to do (2) How the employee’s job contributes to the goals of the organization (3) What “doing the job well” means in concrete terms, (4) How employee and supervisor will work together to sustain, improve, or build on existing employee performance, (5) How job performance will be measured,(6) Identifying barriers to performance and removing them. (Donald L. Caruth, 2013) (Bohlander, 2010,2013) (Bohlander, 2010,2013)

Effective Performance Management is provided through the implementation of a comprehensive program with guidelines, methods, strategic and tools for managers to utilize in performing these functions. What is Performance Appraisals? It is the obligation to employee to let them know how they are doing. Performance Appraisals are part of an organization’s measurement process. Good appraisal system has the capabilities to influence employee behavior and improve an organizations performance. One study showed that a organization with strong performance management system are 40 to 50 percent more likely to outperform their competitors in the area of revenue growth productivity, profitability and market value. This is one reason why experts advise companies to continue to appraise their employees during an economic downturn, even if they cannot afford to give them a raise. Performance Appraisal programs are most effective when managers have been properly trained to adequately observe and give feed back to their employees. A training program for raters is most...

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