Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan
Teri Harris
May 19, 2014
Tiffany Mytty-Klein
Performance Management Plan
When it comes to putting together a performance management plan, the company must be committed to rewarding their employees for their quality of work and if they finish the construction job on time or if they are ahead of schedule. In the construction business there are a lot of factors that you need to consider when doing a job. Some of those factors are the weather, holidays, and employee vacations. When dealing with the weather, you could get delayed because of the rain or you could have your employees getting heatstroke because of the hot weather. When you have rainy weather it can cause delays and that can cost you time and money that you don’t have. Then you have to deal with the heat and that can also cost you time and money. Rainy weather delays the pouring of concrete, whereas the heat can cause heatstroke. When the weather is good, the construction company can have their employees start earlier so that they are done before the heat of the day hits. When it comes to holidays and vacations, the construction company will usually work around those. Sometimes, they will work the holidays to get caught up because of the rain delays. When an employee is on vacation, the company may choose to hire a temporary employee. When that employee comes back from vacation, the company may choose to hire that temporary employee full time. A performance management plan is setting goals in which the construction company has a proven track record with their customers. The goals that the construction company sets for itself will help them to establish a good relationship with their new customers in Arizona.

In response to your request for me to develop a performance management plan, I have come up with the following information which includes my addressing the following: Alignment of the performance management framework to the organizational business strategy In the alignment of the performance management framework I have come up with the following five key elements: “the setting of SMART targets; the monitoring and evaluating of what colleagues achieve and how they achieve them; to ensure that colleagues are supported in their achievements; the determination of the overall ratings on the annual performance; and the agreement and support of the training and the development needs” ( I have also come up with some other steps that will help with putting together a performance management plan. The following five steps must be implemented when putting together the performance management plan. Those five steps are as follows: “(1) Setting Expectations; (2) Continuously Monitoring Performance; (3) Developing the Capacity to Perform; (4) Rating Performance Regularly; and (5) Rewarding Good Performance” ( These five steps will also be helpful in the alignment of the performance management framework to an organizations business strategy. Without these steps the organization will not be able to perform their duties. Also without these steps the company’s employees will not be able to perform their job duties to the satisfaction of the company or the customer. In order for a company to succeed, they need to encourage their employees to keep up the good work on their job duties. When encouraging their performance, the company should keep three things in mind and they are as follows: “(1) provide a sufficient number of rewards that employees really value, (2) in a timely fashion, and (3) in a fair manner” (Cascio, 2013, pg. 335) Organizational performance philosophy

Clapton Commercial Construction Company is committed to the performance management system so that it fosters and rewards excellent services that will make their clients and customers happy. An effective performance management plan will also align the efforts of the supervisors and...
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