Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan
Bradley Stonefield is starting a limousine service, doing business as Landslide Limousine Service, located in Austin, Texas. One of the first steps in starting a successful organization is to have a performance management plan. The performance management plan should cover four key components; managers should provide the chauffeurs constructive performance feedback, chauffeurs ability levels, the process which ability is measured, and a plan for improving in areas that chauffeurs may not be meeting Landslide Limousine’s standards. The performance plan will be a guideline to help ensure Landslide Limousines success. While the excellent customer service provided by Landslide will warrant customer satisfaction and with it repeat business. Moreover, the performance plan will be a guide for Landslide’s vision of providing the best service in the industry. Mr. Stonefield estimates the company will have negative $50,000.00 in revenue starting out and an average 10% turnover rate; he has confidence that his business will be successful moving forward. The goal of the performance plane is to ensure that revenue does not drop below the projected negative $50,000.00 startup cost, and the turnover rate does not exceed 10%. The performance plan will provide guidance to effectively meet Landslide’s above mentioned targets. For Landslide Limousine to be successful, its objectives should be well planned, and the plan followed. By following the performance plan, Landslide Limousine will have well trained and high performance chauffeurs, which will help with the company’s success. The performance management plan will be a great start in getting Landslide Limousine up and running and will also provide guidance as the business evolves. The chauffeurs are the people representing the company; they are the first people the customers will see. Therefore, Atwood and Allen recommends that the new chauffeurs possess the required skills to...

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