performance management frame work

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Performance Management Framework
By hotels becoming an important component of tourism product and tourism being the most vibrant tertiary sectors and has a strong hold on the economy. The performance management framework will depend mostly on the services Bollman Hotel chain attempts to provide to tourist without venturing off the hotel premises offering food, alcoholic beverages, sports, lodging, entertainment, and shopping. Each area will require a manager to define, facilitate, and encourage performance by indicating the organizations actual direction as well as the organization-desired goals. In improving performance, goal setting has a proven record of accomplishment of success in a variety of settings and cultures. Setting challenging goals clarifies what is expected and leads to high levels of performance. To managing for maximum performance Bollman Hotels major responsibilities is too eliminate roadblocks to successful performance, providing resources to get the job done right and on time, and selecting the best individual for the job. To encourage performance especially good performance at all times Bollman Hotels should provide a sufficient number of rewards that employs real value in a timely fashion and in a fair manner. Organizational Performance Philosophy

Bollman’s Hotel organizational performance philosophy is to have meaning that adhears to all situations. In crises, it is a major mistake for management to ignore the organizational philosophy. The philosophies strengthen and confirm through day-to-day decisions and actions of management. The performance philosophy should establish the relationship between the organization and its customers, employees, shareholders, stakeholders, suppliers, government and public at large. The chief executive officer of Bollman should articulate the guiding philosophy of the organization basic beliefs. Some basic beliefs Bollman can utilize would be being the best, the importance of people as individuals, providing superior quality and service (Cascio, 2013). The Job Analysis Process

The employees Bollman hires can affect the success of the business. While Bollman may want to hire the first person that walks in the door that meets the qualifications of the position but doing so can be a fatal error. A large hotel chain cannot afford to select unsuccessful employees on their staff as they must select by using different ways to analyze their success into the hotel chain business. Bollman needs to identify the staffing needs before they even begin the announcement prior to looking for job candidates. Job Analysis

Bollman must begin by understanding the requirements of the jobs required to fill and what kind of language, personality, experience and education are required for the position. Bollman Hotel chain needs to determine the attributes of other hotels in its chain to determine what the job analysis is required possibly covering the following: •The physical and mental tasks involved (ranging from planning and managing to cleaning and lifting) •How the job will be done (the required methods and cleaning equipment to be used) •The position of the job (explain the goals of the job and what they relate to other positions in Bollman’s Hotel chain) •The experience needed (training, knowledge, skills and personality traits) Job Description & Specification

Bollman should use the job analysis from their other hotel chains to write a job description and a job specification for their new hotel. Bollman should design the position from those concepts; this can assist Bollman’s recruitment materials, like the classified ads in a foreign country or the employee hiring process that was conducted in Minnesota. The Bollman job description should be an outline of how the job fits in to Bollman’s Hotel chain. This is by pointing out in broad terms the job description goals, responsibilities, and duties. Bollman should write the job description and job specifications that will...

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