Performance Management

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Performance Management Plan
Human Capital Management/531
June 17, 2013
Dr. Catherine Burr
Performance Management Plan
“Talent now gravitates to an organization that is flexible, has strong values and a robust performance ethic (Bhal, 2002).”
In any organization no matter the size performance management is a critical element in regards to the human element that is the foundation of the organization. In order to effectively place, manage, and develop personnel a performance management plan is an essential part of the development process. In accordance with the previous recommendations for the Bollman Hotel’s planned expansion into India, the following information will be in regards to the alignment, job analysis, measurement, philosophy, and feedback of a recommended performance management plan. Alignment

According to Bhal, many of the organizations in the India market have not focused on the human resource aspect of the business module (Bhal, 2002, p. 141). This has left a hard task to overcome for those companies looking to expand into the area. India has seen the need for a transformation in the Human Resource department, in terms of their treatment and beliefs in the management of their personnel. According to Amba-Rao, Petrick, Gupta, and Von der Embse there are four major areas that are said to be under renovation (Amba-Rao, Petrick, Gupta, & Von der Embse, 2000, p. 61).

The four areas are listed as: first, “high performance work systems have been shown to be crucial to sustaining global competiveness and they rely upon objective, adequate PA processes”, second “the productivity of work cultures in Indian organizations is jeopardized by employee PA practices that appear biased, ad hoc and non-integrated into a globally competitive HRM system, third “Indian managers have been criticized for not involving employees in the PA process”, and lastly “ managerial values that are national culture-based, organizational culture-based and firm...

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