Performance Improvement Techniques in Ccpp and Fbc Boiler

Topics: Combined cycle, Cogeneration, Coal Pages: 57 (15857 words) Published: June 22, 2013
The aim of the project is to improve the performance of Power Plant i.e. combined cycle power plant for power generation and also improve the FBC boiler performance.

Now a days CCPP (combined cycle power plant) is the way for power generation efficiently. In Arvind Ltd., both Ahmedabad & Santej plant have the same power generation of 24.5 MW is a CCPP cogeneration plant. The Plant is upgraded to compressed natural gas (CNG) which is replacing Naphtha having its cost & other benefits. Its performance and cost reduction can further be improved. Economic and technical considerations for combined-cycle performance enhancement options further described in this report.

FBC (Fluidized Bed Combustion) Boiler is not used for power generation in Arvind Limited but is used for steam generation which is used in further chemical process. Fluidized bed boiler is the newest and cleanest way of generating steam. The traditional grate fuel firing systems have got limitations and are technoeconomically unviable to meet the challenges of future. Fluidized bed combustion has emerged as a viable alternative and has significant advantages over conventional firing system and offers multiple benefits – compact boiler design, fuel flexibility, higher combustion efficiency and reduced emission of noxious pollutants such as SOx and NOx It having great efficiency (upto 85%)and is also uses both coal & biomass. It’s performance and cost reduction can further be improved. Economic and technical considerations FBC boiler performance enhancement options further described in this report.

Arvind Limited, Ahmedabad


We visited in Arvind Ltd., Naroda Road, Ahmadabad. We have learned many things about Power Plant generation and how it works. We have also learned the basics of applications of thermodynamics in Power plant. We shall collect more information about this Project in future.

Keywords : CCPP,FBC Boiler, CNG, Cost reduction and improve efficiency of CCPP & FBC.

Arvind Limited, Ahmedabad


List of Figures Fig. No. Figure Title Cogeneration (Bottom) Compared with Conventional Generation (Top) Simplified CCPP diagram Schematic of Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCGT) Simplified Flow Diagram of a Combined Cycle Auxiliary Systems in a Gas Turbine Power Plant The brayton-Rankine Combined Cycle The performance map of a typical combined cycle power plant Comparison of net work output of various cycles’ Comparison of thermal efficiency of various cycles’ temperature Energy distribution in a combined cycle power plant Load sharing between prime movers over the entire operating range of a combine cycle power plant A typical large combined cycle power plant HRSG Cost Components of Different Plant Areas in a Combined Cycle Power Plant Page No. 21

24 25 30 33 38 40

40 41

44 45

46 52

Arvind Limited, Ahmedabad


Plant Life Cycle Cost for a Combined Cycle Power Plant CFBC Power Generation Unit : Working Diagram Principle Of Fluidization Relation between Gas Velocity and Solid Velocity Circulating Bed Boiler Design


56 59 60 62 70 71 Psychometric chart, simplified Effect of evaporative cooler on available output—85 percent effective When Dp Drop Is Less Bed Coarse Partices Settle At Bottom Of Bed Bed Area Reduction To Suit The Reduced Steam Generation Requirement Bed Height & Airbox Instrumentation idle dg bed airbox dg Bed Material Spillage To Idle Compartment Caustic Gouging Attack In Idle Compartment Tube Fuel Line Air Eroding Away Bed Coil In Idle Compartment fuel Fuel Line Air Eroding Away Bed Coil In Idle Compartment fuel




3.2.2. 4 3.2.2. 5

83 84 85


Arvind Limited, Ahmedabad


Fuel Spillage And Leakage Air In Idle...
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