Performance Evaluations

Topics: 360-degree feedback, Human resource management, Performance appraisal Pages: 3 (888 words) Published: November 2, 2010
Performance evaluations are designed primarily to tell employees how they had done over a period of time and to let them know what pay raise them would receive. The biggest strength of our performance appraisal system at Fairfield Medical Center, would be “feedback”, however other factors like documentation and development do play an important role as well. I will talk about different performance measurements used at FMC, their strength, weakness and then proposed solution. Behavior Based Measures is a major developed around traits at FMC. Many traits often related to good performance may, in fact, have little or no performance relationship. Traits such as loyalty, initiative, courage, reliability, and self-expression are intuitively desirable in employees, but are individuals who rate high or those traits higher performers then those who rate low? It’s hard to answer this question (as also discussed in current’s module TD). My opinion is that traits like loyalty and initiative may be prized by appraisers, but no evidence supports the notion that certain traits will be adequate synonyms for performance in large cross-section of jobs.

Combine Absolute and Relative Standards: Another step towards performance management system at FMC. A major drawback to individual or absolute standards is that they tend to be biased by positive leniency: that is, evaluators lean toward packing their subjects into the high part of the ranking. On the other hand, relative standards suffer when there is little actual variability among the subjects. The obvious solution is to consider using appraisal methods that combine both absolute and relative standards.

Feedback: Without any doubt, employees like to know how they are doing. The annual review, where the appraiser shares the employees’ evaluations with them, can become a problem if only because appraisers put them off. This happened with us in the past. This is particularly likely if the appraisal is negative, but the annual...
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