Performance Evaluation Process

Topics: Evaluation, Performance management, Assessment Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: August 9, 2011
In the performance evaluation process, there are three major techniques to assessing an individual’s proficiency in the occupational workplace. They are Individual Evaluation Methods, Multiple-Person Evaluation Methods and Management by Objective. Each one of these focuses on different aspects of the evaluation process, but in the end, they all come up with near the same conclusion, job performance. 1 As defined in the book, performance management is the process by which executives, managers, and supervisors work to align employee performance with the firms’ goals. An effective performance management process has a precise definition of excellent performance, uses measurements of performance, and provides feedback to employees about their performance. Thus, it defines, measures, monitors, and gives feedback. Performance evaluation is a crucial part of a firm’s performance management process. 1 Reliability, Relevance, Sensitivity and Practicality are 4 characteristics that criterion should in order to be effective. These definitions can be defined loosely, however, to me they represent what a supervisors’ basis of evaluating be judged by. Reliability is one who is accurate, honest and dependable on achievement. Relevance is what is bearing upon or connected with the matter at hand; otherwise, it is what is pertinent. Sensitivity is just what it says, it is the state or quality if being sensitive, for example, the rater needs to consider the needs of the individual. And practicality is one who is pretty much sensible and refers to good judgment to make a decisive decision. There are different people within the organization, dependent upon the size and capacity of the corporation, to conduct the job performance evaluations and determine the result of each individual’s achievement. Whether it is done by peers, multiple supervisors, outside influences, people underneath, or even by self-evaluations the conclusion will be the same, but how you get to that point,...
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