Performance Enhancing Drugs

Topics: Immune system, Testosterone, Tendon Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Not Be Legalized
Everywhere in the United States of America there are people who are consuming performance enhancing drugs, which are also known as PED’s. About fifteen million Americans take performance enhancing drugs and of that fifteen million, about four hundred die every year. There are over a hundred different types of performance enhancing drugs. All of which do things to boost your body and enhance it, such as a quick increase in muscle mass, faster healing time, increase in strength, improved personal traits, etc. Although these may seem to do wonders on your body at first, these drugs are actually creating major health problems and risks in the long run. Of the fifteen million Americans that take performance enhancing drugs, most of them are athletes. The main reason that these athletes are taking drugs is because in society today, winning is the number one goal. Athletes want to be at the top and in some cases, in order for that to happen, they look to steroids and other performance enhancing drugs to help them accomplish their goals. This creates a huge problem among athletes because those who do not take these performance enhancing drugs are at an unfair advantage. A lot of these athletes that take PED’s are looked up to as role models by young children. When these young children see that their role model is taking performance enhancing drugs, they think that it is okay to do the same. Therefore, I believe that performance enhancing drugs should not be legalized. It would not be of any benefit to people if they were legalized; it would just further harm people. The first and one of the most important reasons is that taking performance enhancing drugs creates major health risks and can lead to death. PED's increase chances to viral infections and cancers because it weakens the immune system and also causes change in the user's psychology (qtd. In Serious New Side Effects…). Men and women who take PED's might...
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