Performance Diagnosis Model: Management & Leadership
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Performance Diagnosis Model: Case reading Joe Chaney
A. Diagnostic model in order to pinpoint plausible performance problems
When we follow the steps in the performance diagnosis model, our outcome is the following: Expectations Problem: what are your performance expectations for this position? What do you think my expectations are?
Joe knows what the goals of the company are, had a wide experience in the architectural field, which gives him the same abilities as the hotshot architects. However he is not motivated to work with that team to reach common goals. Joe feels that he’s being undervalued just because he does not have the same degree in architecture. The company’s expectations don’t stroke with Joe’s expectations. Joe wants to perform better by involving in more difficult tasks.
Incentives Problem: do you believe rewards are linked to your performance in this position?
Joe feels like the lowest-paid person in the entire firm, he has no time to get the degree that will give him the opportunity to earn more money, because I this company rewards aren’t given on the basis of performance, but on the degree you possess. So rewards aren’t linked to performance.

Salience Problem: Are the performance incentives attractive to you?
Joe lost his eager to work properly, because it doesn’t matter whether he works hard or doesn’t perform at all, he gets paid the same amount and is not being awarded for his achievements. There are no performance incentives in this case.
B. Specific questions to Joe to accurately identify the obstacles to his high performance
1. Despite of your decrease of performance in our company, do you feel that you are no longer heard when talking about new ideas?
2. Do you think that having the same degree as the other architects will give you your feeling of appreciation and therefore motivation back?
3. What is , in your opinion, the main reason that you’re performance is slacked and you engage yourself in several arguments with

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