Performance Apraisal Critique

Topics: Human resource management, Performance appraisal, Employment Pages: 5 (1567 words) Published: March 24, 2005
The performance appraisal system used by our organization is done annually. The purpose of the review is for employee as well as manager, to aptitude performance from the past year relating to the specific responsibilities and objective of that employee. This gives the opportunity for managers to give feedback on the strengths and development areas that are summarized from that previous year. Employees must also use this opportunity to give feedback on how they can best perform and develop themselves. This Annual review period is an opportunity to communicate and work together to build unity in the workplace. Realistic plans may be made for the employee's development and growth.

The supervisor and the employee review the job description standards and compare the employee's accomplishments against the standards set. The data comes from established performance metrics, employee self-assessment and customer or coworker feedback from daily activities.

There are five levels of the performance rating. Outstanding is the highest rating. To get an outstanding rating means the employees contribution to the business far exceeds requirements. The employee is personally committed to the company's mission, values and goals at a consistent level. The employee takes the initiative to identify challenging work goals and tries to find solutions. The employee's quality is never a question, even under challenging situations.

The next rating is an excellent rating. The employee who receives an excellent rating produces more than required. The employee takes the initiative in developing and finding challenging work goals. Each responsibility is finished with quality and on time. That employee needs little direction or supervision. The employee thinks beyond the details of the job and contributes to the objectives of the department. All of the employee's decisions and actions are higher than expectations.

The next level of rating is commendable. This employee performs what is expected of an experienced individual in the department. The employee's errors are minimal and they have learned from their mistakes, some improvements from them are expected. They schedule projects and work on problems in an orderly manner. They understand suggestions and recommendations abut their work with confidence. They complete work assignments almost always on time. This employee requires normal supervision and follow-up mentoring. They generate quality and quantity in their individual work efforts.

The lowest level of performance rating is development needed. The employee's performance does not meet required expectations. The employee is aware of negativity that they are proclaiming, and also the lack of quality and quantity of their quota. The employee is aware that a general inferior continuation at this level will lead them to possible termination.

The fifth level of performance rating is a neutral generalized new in position. This rating is for employees who are in a position for less than six months. If the employee has transferred into the new department, all performance information is received from their previous manager.

I feel the ratings should not be categorized in five separate levels. There should be only three levels of ratings. The three should be excellent, commendable and development needed. To my understanding the outstanding rating and the excellent rating are exactly at the same level. These two ratings mean the same thing. I perceive the outstanding rating, which is the highest rating, is unattainable. I f the employee has an excellent rating, how much higher can they go? The outstanding rating was established to save the company money. Save the company money that they really do not intend to give out in raises. This unattainable goal is unrealistic and was established for one purpose, to keep costs down.

The neutral performance rating of new in position should be thrown out. This rating does not measure the validity of...
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