Performance Appraisal and Job Evaluation Process a Case Study on “Dada Corporation”

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Performance Appraisal and Job Evaluation Process
A case study on “Dada Corporation”

a) History of the organization2
b) Objective of the organization3
c) Function of the organization3
d) Role of the organization in the Economic
Development of Bangladesh5
e) Organizational Structure7
f) Mission of the organization9
g) Vision of the organization9
Research Methodology
a) Rationale of the study10
b) Objectives of the study10
Findings and Analysis
a) Brief Description of the organization11
b) Present performance appraisal and Job
evaluation process of the organization11
c) Benefit of present performance appraisal
and Job evaluation process13
d) Resistance to Present performance appraisal
and Job evaluation process13
e) How Present performance appraisal and Job
evaluation process should be effective?14
Conclusion & Suggestion
a) Conclusion15
b) Suggestion15
* Bibliography/Reference16
* Enclosures/Graphics/Charts16

Performance Appraisal and Job Evaluation Process
A case study on “Dada Corporation”

a) History of the organization:

In 1974, current CEO, Boo YI Park starts a humble but bold headwear manufacturing business with just 5 sewing machines. 1974 ~ 1988: Venturing into headwear business
Dada traces its root to Daedo trading, a company Dada’s current CEO B.Y. Park established in 1974. Believing that importing raw materials and subsequently processing and exporting them as a business with no basis, Park always wanted to start a manufacturing business. While Park was traveling in the United States in the early 1970’s, he noticed many young and old people wearing sports caps with affection. Park immediately decided to venture into headwear business and set up a small business in the Southern part of Seoul in 1976 with just 5 sewing machines. 1989: Dada establishes its first overseas operations, P.T. Dada Indonesia at Purwakarta, Indonesia. 1991: Dada establishes Dada Dhaka Ltd. at Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1993: Dada establishes Dada Savar Ltd. at Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1997: Dada launches Paxko Ltd. at Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2000: Dada establishes Pax(Suzhou) Textile Products Co., Ltd. China. 2002: Dada establishes Unipax Co., Ltd. Vietnam.
2007: Dada has completed a new building for knitwear production alone with 70 knitwear production line at P.T. Dada Indonesia. 2010: Currently it is going to launch a new factory namely P&K Fashion at Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dada is on the way to be a global textile products company.

b) Objective of the organization:

Based on our expertise gain form the headwear business we have successfully expanded our business portfolio. We invested $30 millions alone to diversify our business portfolio in 2007 which will be increasing 10% every year till 2015 to achieve our objective “World class total textile Products Company”. Having started knitwear production since 2007, Dada maintains successful partnerships with global market leaders such as Adidas. Reebok, Gap, Wal-Mart, Sears, Kohl’s, and K-mark. Dada also is going to build a new factory in Gazipur, Dhaka.

c) Function of the organization:

Headwear Business:

As the world’s largest and leading headwear manufacturer Dada boasts a global market share of 45% in the sports cap market. Dada made sports hats are supplied to all teams of the four most popular U.S. major professional sports leagues Counting 80 or so major global retailers as its business partners for Headwear products, from Adidas, Reebok, and Nike to specialized golf brands such as Callaway and TaylorMade, Dada is successfully putting on the world market various ODM (original design manufacturer) products of Sports cap.

Bag Business:...
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