Performance Appraisal and Career Development

Topics: Employment, Human resource management, Performance appraisal Pages: 7 (1781 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Performance Appraisal and career Development
Ms. Garima Gupta (Assistant Professor, MBA&PGDM)
Banshi Group of Institutions, Bithoor, Kanpur

The paper focuses on the roles that are played by the employee, the manager and the employer in planning, guiding and developing the employee’s career and points out that appraisal works as a motivating tool for the same as it improves employee’s job performance by identifying strengths and weaknesses and determining how their strengths, may be best utilized within the organization and weaknesses be overcome. It throws light on the fact that people wants to choose occupations, jobs and a career that makes sense in terms of projected future demand for various types of occupation the performance Appraisal system helps the employees to become aware of their personal skills, interests, knowledge, motivation and other characteristics which help to identify their career related goals and establishes action plans to attain goals, research is done to find out the employer’s role and also his career development responsibilities, that depends on how long the employee has been with the firm, it is the employer only who serves as a mentor to helps the person learn that ropes are important , it focuses on the importance of employer that it is only he who contributes in a positive way to the employee’s career & matches the person’s strength & weaknesses with the feasible career path and believes that development is one of the important step that helps to improve the organization career planning process.

Performance appraisal:
It is defined as the method of judging the relative worth or the ability of an employee in performing his tasks. It lets the employee know how he is performing (whether his performance is meeting the set standard or not) and helps him to improve his performance if lacking. It is generally carried out to evaluate the employee’s performance and also to develop him by capitalizing his strengths and overcoming the weaknesses. Who will appraise:

The Appraisal can be done by one or by the combination of following: 1.Employer(Supervisor)
3.High Level Manager

Appraisal-------------A Motivating tool to develop Employee’s Career and improving job performance-----------------------------------------------------------by identifying Employee’s strength and Weaknesses

It has been noticed that appraising the employee helps a lot in improving his performance it helps to know that whether the employee is meeting the set standard or not if not then what are the lacking areas in which he is not able to perform well, in order to overcome this the weaknesses of employee are identified and proper steps are taken to improve them & utilize his strengths effectively.

Employer’s Role in Identifying person’s Strengths and weaknesses: It is the employer who keeps an eye on the employees during his job performance it is only he who assign the task and duties to the employees after identifying the employee’s area of interest, his abilities and competencies in performing the task, he is the one who notices that how well the employee is performing and also notices the points where employee does not perform well during the whole performance Appraisal and evaluation process the employer comes to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the employee and ask the employee to overcome his weaknesses as they may prove to be obstacle in the path of his career development ,it is the employer who advises the employee to match his strengths and weaknesses with the opportunity and threats prevailing in the organization to achieve the career growth . The Employer should find out that how long the employee is staying with the organization and whether the skills and interest of the employee are meeting with the job post or not. If not than it is the sole responsibility of the employer to help employee in overcoming his...

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