performance appraisal

Topics: Motivation, Management, Human resource management Pages: 13 (2710 words) Published: November 25, 2014

4.Evidence of performance appraisal—McDonalds3
5.Related theories3
5.1Expectancy theory3
5.2Equity theory5
6.Advantages of individual performance appraisal5
6.1Motivation and satisfaction6
6.2Help employee7
6.3Career development8
6.4Work achievement recognition8
6.5Help employer8
6.6Improving communication9
6.7Improve decision making ability10
7.Disadvantages of individual performance appraisal10
7.1Evaluator bias10
7.2One sided11
7.3Time spend11
7.4Stressful environment11
8.Conclusion--Contribute to achieving high performance workplaces12 9.Reference13

1. Introduction
This paper is writing for presenting individual performance appraisal include its definition, advantages, disadvantages as a closed topic of human resource management. Apart of it, it introduces some related theories such as expectancy theory and equity theory which strongly support the effect of individual performance appraisal to prove the position of it to organizations and to employees themselves. Besides, it uses case as an evidence to show that individual performance really helps a lot to firms such as increasing the performance and productivities of organizations.

2. Background
In 1911, performance appraisal pioneer Frederick Winslow Taylor published two books: The Principles of Scientific Management and Shop Management. In the books Taylor said organizations should re assign employees based on employees’ skills and trainings instead of firing them simply. Therefore, performance appraisal is necessary to evaluate the job being done by employees. Till now, individual performance appraisal is very important to all organizations which want to assign employees reasonably and reward them effectively.

3. Definition
Individual performance appraisal is a process made by managers. There are many objectives of individual performance appraisal such as examining and evaluating the work behaviors of employees, comparing employees with the requirement standard, using the result to improve employee’s performance. By individual performance appraisal, organizations can provide reasonable activities to employees such as training programs and determine which employees should get promotion and raise.

4. Evidence of performance appraisal—McDonalds
McDonalds use individual performance appraisal to identify, measure and develop the performance of individual employees to improve them achieve the strategic goal of this company.

For driving a high performance, McDonalds designs a performance development system which is helpful to do the individual performance appraisal. Based on the individual performance, McDonalds document the achievements of employees to notice them developing their performance. As a result, employees in this companies are very motivated and are willing to work hard actively. And the performance of the whole company is highly increased (Levensaler 2007).

5. Related theories
There are many theories to prove the importance of individual performance appraisal to organizations. In this paper, it chooses two related theories.

5.1 Expectancy theory
Expectancy theory is the best theory which can describe motivation and satisfaction in performance appraisal process. It offers reasons that what behaviors employees will make during the appraisal. The basic idea of the theory is that employees can be highly motivated as they believe their behaviors can bring the expected outcome for them (Baran 2012). This theory explains that job motivation should be depended on the perceived association of employees` performance (Chen and Fang 2008). Therefore, expectancy theory gives the explanations that individual performance appraisal is helpful to improve the performance of employees as they are will to get some outcomes based on their work. Thus, individual performance appraisal can help managers to create a motivational project...
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