Performance Appraisal

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PGD in Defence Management

Naval and Maritime Academy
(Accredited to General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University) DECLARATION

I declare that this dissertation contains no material which has been accepted for the award of any other degree or diploma in any university or equivalent institution, and that to the best of my knowledge and belief, contains no material previously submitted or written by any other person, except where due reference is made in the text of this Dissertation. I carried out the work described in this under the supervision of Captain (ND) KJ Kularathne, RSP,Psc,MSc(D&SS)

........................................................Date:.......................... TR DANIEL


.....................................................Date ........................................ KJ KULARATHNE,RSP,Psc,MSc(D&SS)
Captain (ND)
Sri Lanka Navy


Sri Lanka Navy is one of the largest organization in Sri Lanka with nearly 55000 men & women are working to date .SLN is not only one of the largest, but also diverse as more than 20 major professions are cohesion to form this organisation. Officers form the backbone of this large organisation; SLN and better performance of officers is a necessity to achieve organisational goals. Therefore performances of the officers are evaluated to identify, encourage, measure, improve, and reward their performances. At present, a single performance appraisal form (Nav 206) is used to evaluate commissioned officers of all ranks from Acting Sub Lieutenant to Rear Admiral. This research will be carried out to study the efficiency of existing performance appraisal system for officers in Sri Lanka Navy. Key words – Performance Appraisal, Human Resource Management, Ranking Methods, Rating Errors


b.Table of contentiii

1.Chapter I-Introduction

1.2Scope of the Study07
1.3Significance of the study08
1.4 Problem statement08
1.5Research Methodology09
1.6Population and sample 09
1.7Sampling method09
1.8Data collection09
1.9Literature survey10

2.Chapter IITheoretical Background

2.1Definitions 12
2.2Forming a suitable performance appraisal system13
2.3Why do we conduct performance appraisal? 14-15
2.4What Do We Assess? 16-18
2.5Channels used to receive data for performance appraisal19 2.6Performance Appraisal Methods20-27
2.7Rating Errors28-29

3.Chapter IIIExisting Performance Appraisal System

3.2Occasions for Reporting33
3.3Area Assessment Board (AAB)34
3.4Assessment at NHQ35

4.Chapter IVData Collection and Analysis

4.1Forming a questionnaire37-39
4.2Important Findings from questionnaire40
4.3Summary of Findings49-51

5.Chapter VConclusion and Recommendations

5.1Conclusion 52
5.3Further studies on the subject which can be achieved56

6.List of reference57-59

7.AnnexesANav 206A-1
BMailed QuestionnaireA-2



1.A military force is only as good as its people. A force with dedicated, competent members has the potential for success in combat. A force whose members lack dedication and competence is unlikely to succeed under the strains of war. The human element remains vitally important, since the ultimate success in military actions lies with people. The...

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