Performance Appraisal

Topics: Human resource management, 360-degree feedback, Performance appraisal Pages: 8 (2347 words) Published: June 13, 2013
     In today’s job market workers are experience the need to be more accountable for their performance. No longer are employers are accepting stats quo performance. It is imperative that employees improve their ongoing performance. Annually the performance appraisal states the following focus point’s feedback on employee's performance, recognize training needs of employee utilized as a tool to assign rewards, and based on the results of the appraisal it shape provides levels for salary increments. What type of appraisal articulates the most accurate feedback?

     In today's market, organizations are seeking a competitive advantage in the marketplace, through the employees’ output. It is critical that management is able administer measure the product and performance of the individual workers. (Noe, Barry, & Wright, 2008) One of the primary tools management measures employees is by conducting an annual performance appraisal. For many years employees and managers alike has had disagreements with the way this “performance measuring tool” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Barry, & Wright, 2008) .According to Geert Hofsteade’s research the United States is one of the highest rainking countries in Individualism(IDV) in the world. (Hofsteade, 2009) The purpose of this paper is to indentity the tools utitlzie for the measuring performance in an orgainzation. How effective is the 360-degree feedback role in developing and promoting more performance from orgainzation’s employees. The role of HR

     In today’s work environment the role of HR no longer consists of just providing staffing to the organization. However, it plays one of the most important functions the organizations. HR creates programs to choose, develop and maintain talent as well as set up a system for payroll administration, employee benefits and daily operation. (Aigiang, 2009) In addition, HR department could play a more interactive role in hiring the right talent, hearing the voice of employees, taking care of their workplace needs, promoting collaboration and mediating conflicts, which would maximize productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. (Aigiang, 2009) According to Wimbush, “Human resource management professionals work in concert with business unit managers in a shared partnership to achieve long- term employee efficiency and productivity in attempt to meet organizational goals.”      One of the most essential jobs of HR is According to Buhler, “Performance appraisal is a critical human resource function. The performance of individuals within the organization is modified and improved through the effective utilization of the performance appraisal process. That is, the process can be effectively used to identify strengths and weaknesses of employees so areas of improvement can be targeted (and thereby improved).”       There is a great importance on how managers should provide constructive feedback to employees in the organization. According to Loucks, “The majority of today's organizations, the competition for highly skilled talent continue to intensify, with the situation being exacerbated in the coming years with the retirement of baby boomers. The increasingly tight market for talent has created a need for organizations to maximize the performance of their employees, reward and acknowledge the highest performers, and create incentives to attract top talent in the future. In an effort to support retention and recruitment, more organizations are implementing pay-for-performance programs, which aim to base compensation on performance and drive greater employee achievement.” Types of Performance Appraisal

     According to Sturo, “One type of performance appraisal is to evaluate employees against standards of personal qualities and work profile. Usually trait rating evaluation systems may list about ten to fifteen personal traits. These personal traits may include the ability to get along with people, analytical competence, initiative, and...
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