Performance Appraisal

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Performance Appraisal
Johnnese Jones
February 23, 2013
Dr. Miller


Performance appraisals are designed to give an objective on the evaluation of an employee’s performance and also outline the measures or development for improvement that would be essential to the organization to move ahead (Chandra & Frank, 2004). In the healthcare system, there is an unsatisfied measure that the outside companies are used to perform these appraisals. The staff would like to do the evaluations themselves so that there is a relationship built between the employer-employee. I will look to determine what an employee appraisal consists of, how healthcare tracks the quality of work that is done by an employee. A mock performance appraisal will be evaluated based upon the scores that the employee received and from those scores will look to develop an action plan for recommendation to improve the employee’s quality of work. There will be an establishment of the current trends of recruiting, selection, and development as well as the future trends as to where employee appraisals will be in the future based on the effectiveness of new technology and theories.

Performance Appraisal
Performance appraisals are important to the organizational productivity and the career development of an employee ( A current performance appraisal was conducted on an Environmentalist Senior Government employee. This review was completed based upon the duties and responsibilities of this employee in an in depth performance evaluation. Inside of the evaluation included a breakdown of the performance of the goal and objectives that was to be performance by the employee. By analyzing the goals and objectives a semi-annual inspection was performed, a semiannual monitoring was performed, an in-service training evaluation, and a 26-30 day care center inspection took place. This appraisal will affect the overall job performance of this individual and will depend upon the future contributions that this employee will have within the organization.

Tracking Quality of Work
The best practice is to have a standardized, quantified, and automated employee review process that is essential to track employee progress and maximize productivity in the workplace ( The practice of emPerform would be the best practice to use for employers to track performance. EmPerform is an easy-to-use web-based employee performance management solution that automates vital employee performance management processes. These would include online appraisals, goal management, 360 degree multi-rated reviews, online surveys, succession planning, compensation management, development plans, and reporting and analytics ( In order track the review process documentation should be provided to the employee to keep towards providing a record of all the efforts they have attempted by employee to avoid any dismissal of employment or any other discrepancies. Mock Performance Appraisal

Based upon the performance appraisal of the employee there are areas that she achieves in based upon the categories of leadership, customer focus, job knowledge, as well as organization and productivity. On the other hand, there are areas that need improvement and does not exceed or achieve the job description in detail that should be put into place on a daily basis. The score of 44 was calculated and per each category the employee received 36 points of achievable expectations and 8 points that stood out for requirement improvement. Once the scores were added up to (44/20) and tallied there was a score of 2.2 of the employee performance. Because of the areas that need improvement, there should a laid out action plan between the employee and employer as to how these goals can be achieved for success for future performance appraisals.

The best practices that would provide a fair and accurate performance appraisal would be to...

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