Performance and Talent Management

Topics: Performance appraisal, Performance management, Human resource management Pages: 9 (3010 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Six-week group discussion blazes a trail to understand the significance of effective group collaboration and associated performance appraisal. The post of leader rotates among group members and organizes group activities targeted at the specific topic for each week. Each weekly leader in our group would regularly send a motivated email on Monday, which briefly explains the main points of journal article and the flow path of group discussion. Basically, different forms of weekly meeting, such as quiz, role play, debate and presentation, create the harmonious and open atmosphere for group members to better integrate theoretical comprehension with experiential learning. In order to critical estimate of the individual and entire group performance, we design a group reflection survey, specifically referenced diverse opinions of performance indicators on rating performance and the relative comments. However, there exist the potential bias and lack of comprehensive considerations in terms of our performance evaluation. As Bracken and Rose (2011) stated, the effective feedback could bring about the positive behavior changes, which means that the qualified performance crucially interacts with the most appropriate approach. Through reviewing group experience, this essay proposes to reflect upon the decisive connection between the quality of group work and the performance of the individuals and group; more specifically, it is going to explore several considerable variables respectively aiming at individual characteristics, team cohesion and environmental dynamics, and analyze the significant influences on performance dimension. Based on the above contexts, the second part would discuss the implication of the critical view for group reflection survey, and further examine the merits and defects of this performance appraisal method regarding to bias and errors of raters, accuracy and comprehensiveness of criteria, and reaction to appraisal. The practical improvement of group performance evaluation would be considered on the last section, particularly pointing to the effectiveness of individual and group working behaviors.

Overview of Group Discussion
Attentions are concerned on the extents of task achievement and satisfaction that mostly rely on the performing level of individuals and entire group. For group leader, the ways of motivating and directing group members to actively engage in the open-ended discussion determine the effectiveness of group work, and benefit the better understanding of academic literatures. Simultaneously, the positive response from group members could reinforce the verbal interaction and promote the favorable knowledge transferring. The supporting statement by Wegge, Schmidt and Brotheridge (as cited by Fulk et al. 2011, pp.17) highlights that members’ cooperation facilitates task accomplishment and achieves group objectives. Related to this view, Drucker (as cited by Fulk et al. 2011, pp.18) acknowledges the importance of feedbacks derived from managerial performance measure attempts to improve the relative performance for better aligning with task target. Given that the inherent consistency of performance appraisal, performing level and strategic planning composes successful performance management system, there are numbers of influential elements regarding certain performance level to individual characteristics, team cohesiveness and environmental dynamics. Individual Characteristics

The diverse individual peculiarities are perceived as patterns of thought, behavior and emotion, which are determined to great extent by the relatively ingrained personality and preference. There are quite different individual characters among our group members, such as extraversion and introversion, which represent the initiative of engaging in group meeting and expressing own opinions. Personality traits are unconsciously inherent in practically Individuals that attribute these distinctive characteristics...
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