Perfectionist: Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Lower Digestive Tract

Topics: Irritable bowel syndrome, Immune system, Constipation Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: March 4, 2007
'Perfectionism' bowel pain link

A report in BBC news posed a threat to people who are perfectionists. Perfectionists are people who have high expectations of always doing the right thing. The report reveals that such type of people have high risks to developing irritable bowel syndrome or IBS after a gut infection (BBC News, 2007). Such infection leads to inflammation and ulceration in the bowel which can cause to severe vomiting and rectal bleeding (BBC News, 2007).

IBS is a condition which affects the lower digestive tract of a person wherein during a bowel movement the contents are moved along by a rhythmic tightening and relaxation of the muscles of the intestinal walls (BBC News, 2006). Such condition has symptoms that include abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation. Women are commonly affected by this which leads them to show signs of depression and irritation. This report is linked to people who are perfectionist because such type of person have the tendency to remain active and keep on working wherein at the end they would collapse to a heap which doctors suggest would affect the immune system.

In view of the report, perfectionist person are anxious people thus, they rarely had time to relax since they are always on the go and doing things until they are satisfied. And when they do, they collapse out of sheer exhaustion. This habit doesn't lead only to IBS but also to other diseases related to stress, anxiety, depression that could harm the person's health. This report would provide awareness to people who are at work especially those people who have the perfectionist attitude. As early as they can be, they will be able to ward off such disease that could shorten their lives. Learning to relax once in a while and taking a break amidst a busy schedule is very important. One should take good care of the body. It certainly helps to develop a healthy diet of fresh fruits of vegetables and water and avoiding fatty foods. Developing a healthy...

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