Perfection: The Human Journey to Self Realization

Topics: Barack Obama, John McCain, United States presidential election, 2008 Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Perfection: The Human Journey to Self Realization
A Paper by the Genius Formerly known as Kevin Houston.

As a human being many people strive to reach a point in their life where they feel safe and secure. They seek the ability to strive. It is human nature to be successful, regardless of how much work is done. Success by my definition is having the largest effect with the smallest amount of effort. This is easily shown by the way the world works. Those with excessive amounts of money and resources have their efforts continuously scaling downwards as their effects on humanity rise. A perfect example of this would be those who have “Star” status. For example Miley Cyrus, she does something that countless women have been doing for years but because of her status it has a global effect.

Where my problem lies is a seemingly passive hatred for being included in group. By this I mean there are those people who seek to stand out. They have their own personal way of living that almost constantly has to change to resist conforming to what is the norm. After carefully analyzing myself and my actions I have realized that I am entrapped in this vicious circle of individualism. In most settings this sets me above competition as I develop unique ideas and maintain a constant upbeat demeanor. This makes me shadow those that surround me often creating one of two responses. The first and more frequent is hatred and discontent. The second is a strong bond of love and discipleship.

I have realized through multiple studies and research projects throughout my life and studying war and the underlying tactics that a charismatic person will sometimes be disliked by a majority of those around, though despite this they are more willing to assist the person in their goals. Those more congealed and controlled people lack the ability to connect with the masses. It is a weird but effective strategy, one of the greatest practitioners of this was Adolf Hitler. Contrary to popular...
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