perfect world

Topics: Earth, Want, English-language films Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: January 3, 2014
I have a dream where people will have what they need and the most important wants will be fulfilled. I have a dream where everyone's vote counts for something. I have a dream that food and fresh water will be given to those who not only work for it but, truly appreciate it. Where if you are unable to work you will be taken care of by those who can. Where a percentage (Agreed upon by vote of people) of all goods created will be given to those who can't work. I have a dream where the goods will be created by the most cost effective and efficient ways possible.I have a dream where the people can live off the earth and invent and use only what is necessary. I have a dream where people choose what they do for a living based upon their raw skill set. I have a dream where people earn what they get, where they realize how precious the things we take for granted. My brother, I have a dream where color, size, race, religion doesn't matter. Every man, woman and child is equal under God and law. Where people live near each other, where all crops and goods are traded, either by boat or by air. I have a dream where our goal as a world is to help each other out! If you want all the money in the world you have to work for it. I HAVE A DREAM WHERE THE WORLD IS PERFECT! This is only a dream and this world won't ever be possible because it is too perfect. I woke up from my dream to realize people are given what they need. People work for what they need. People are not all equal. Color, size, race and religion all matter. people who are able to work are too lazy and get by on the taxes on those who do work. I had a dream but thats all it will be a dream. Dreams are ideas on steroids so through my dream i have ideas that can't make a perfect world, but they can help make a better one.
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