Perfect World

Topics: Human, Morality, Religion Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: October 8, 1999
New advancements in science happen everyday. Products may include medicines, fertilizers, household cleaners, durable materials, and more. One of the most controversial issues in the world of science is genetic engineering. Scientists say genetic engineering may bring large advantages to humans and the way they live. Critics argue that genetic engineering can mean the destruction of the pure human being. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages in genetic engineering but disaster can be avoided if extreme caution is practiced.

When people used to think of genetic engineering, they thought of genetically enhanced superior food products. That all changed after Dolly, the cloned sheep, was introduced to the world. The recent advances in genetics sparked conversation about cloning human beings. Scientists believe that genetic engineering in humans is the answer to the multitude of problems that millions face everyday. Hereditary baldness, heart problems, mental disorders, and a lot more genetic diseases would cease to exist. The perfect world isn't that far away.

So what could possibly go wrong in a perfect world made up of genetically enhanced organisms? Critics fear that disease-producing organisms used in food products might develop worldwide epidemics. The catholic church says that human cloning is morally wrong. Others don't want a perfect world. They argue that the ill-bred humans will take away our right to suffer. According to critics, genetically changing the structure of a living thing isn't worth the risk or sin.

The perfect physical world is nearer than anyone can imagine. The anticipated problems can be resolved before they even happen. Epidemics can be avoided by careful procedure, supervision, and inspection. The National Institute of Health already has established regulations restricting the types of DNA that can be used for these types of experiments. The only barrier left is sin. There is nothing man can do to...
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